FAQ & Solutions

Eye Kandy Productions makes every effort to ensure the final application of our caravan stickers is neat and professional, however some minor issues are unavoidable given the nature of caravan surfaces.

Can I apply the stickers myself?

If you choose to apply the stickers yourself, here is a copy of our STICKER APPLICATION GUIDE, however we always recommend for them to be installed by a professional sign writer.

Can the stickers be removed?

Yes. Most stickers can be easily removed at later date with a heat gun, however they become more difficult to remove after
prolonged exposure to the sun. See our STICKER APPLICATION GUIDE for examples of suitable products to remove stubborn glue.

How long will the stickers last?

The products we use are rated 5-7 years. In many cases the vinyl will last much longer, however there are circumstances which will limit the performance of the vinyl. See our WARRANTY STATEMENT for more details.

How long will my caravan stickers take to be delivered?

We normally send the stickers by express post for overnight delivery within 5-7 days after proof of payment. Please note that if you are outside a metro area, they may take a little longer to arrive.

For any queries please don’t hesitate to call Andrew on 1300 381 918 or email admin@ekp.com.au